Sneak peak of Act I Scene I:


In the Garden of Eden, ADAM and EVE are exploring their new world and in comes the HEAVENLY CHOIR. ASMODAY as the serpent is hiding behind the Forbidden Fruit Tree and watching EVE in awe.


Our Heavenly Father, how humble we are before You,

Living only to serve You, our merciful Creator.

We thank You for our breath, our sight and our mind,

Eyes to see creation, which You’ve bestowed on us.

Ears to hear the songs of our lowly brethren.

This beauty of the life, ungodly, everlasting

and the glory from Your love, how holy is Thy name!

Amen, Amen.


Oh Adam, how beautiful this world is.

Oh Adam, how lovely is this day above us?

This soft lushness below my feet kissing my ankles…


Ah Eve…Beautiful, yes I’m sure…

Ah Eve, Your eyes see so much, my darling companion. 


I feel so much within my soul, like a fire is burning nearby. Oh Adam!

[They walk off, thus begins ASMODAY’s aria]


What is this?

What are these creatures, not angels?

Seven days to create (make) this world.

 for me to touch

To hold, to love, and to conquer.

violent colors, vivid beasts….

what is this?

This sensation, shaking…

Their names are given, first and only 

somehow, I felt this fire before…

when I was born

This burning, beautiful pain

and now I feel it once again, 

with a woman, by God’s own hand.

Perfection, my fire,

This burning, rolling under my skin.

Once before, and now again,

These flames lick my lips like my own tongue 

Which is passion, what is my flesh?

The two are now entwined.

What is this?

I need her

What is this? 

What are these feelings? 

I shall call it love. 

Almost as new to this world as myself…oh what a joyous burning! 

[extasy vocalise]


Hello? Is that a voice on this breeze? Who is there?

[walks to Tree, which ASMODAY is now hiding behind]

What branches…what fruit! How strange…it’s so unlike the rest of my little Garden.


And for good reason.


Oh the Tree speaks!


What naïveté, you wingless angel. It is I…a serpent. A keeper of this…Godly fruit 


A serpent! Like this tree, so unusual…Does this serpent have a name? I do. I am Eve.


Asmoday. Yes…that is my name.